What LETS RUN and HDOR did to me

For a premature child, who started walking at an age of 2; running initially made his parents rather apprehensive than appreciative. Running or any athletic activity for me then became secondary to studies. Outdoor sports were never part of my schooling life or graduation life.

A bronchitis attack in 2002 changed my life, making yoga/pranayama and morning walk part of daily routine. Daily 4-5km walk gave ample health benefits; and during year 2016 with some inspiration, it metamorphosed into running. A successful completion of 5Km run in IIM Raipur event of Feb 2017 made me a distance runner. Later during 2017, I ran 11Km and 10Km run for the first time. A 5day-5km challenge in Jan 2018 introduced me to the tribe, where I belonged – LETS RUN; the running community from Raipur.

After completing first half marathon in Feb 2018, I had tasted the blood. Running, now was seeking a new challenge; and it got one: 100 days of running (HDOR).

It made schedule tweaked, shift engagements and room for running. Running shoes became an essential part of my travel bag. Sound and smell of new cities and scary by-lanes/ localities made running alive and connected authentically.

Running daily for HDOR made me physically stronger, no doubt; but also made me mentally resilient and rediscover the WILL. It awakened the realization that competition was against the distance, neither with the fellow runners nor against the time.

The unstinted support of family particularly my wife was pivotal to the successful completion of challenge. It did taught a lesson about the importance of your support team in achieving success in any passion you pursue.

Running is then a bountiful gift which brings immense joy into one’s life, but the joy stays, only when one shares it. I owe an incredible debt to our running community, LETS RUN, for everything it has brought to me and for everything it has unearthed in me.

What LETS RUN and HDOR did to me is aptly summarized by Henry David Thoreau: “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”


An Engineer, Entrepreneur and finally a Runner

Age is just a number; more, the better.