“Cool rain transforms the steaming pavement.

I bike and smile nonchalantly.”-Anonymous



A true rider rides, no matter what time of year.

“Riding in the rain” as a phrase may sound romantic but could be nerve-racking due to slick and slippery roads.

Riding in wet weather has its own set of challenges, but if done right, it can actually be fun.


Waterproof and breathable apparel

Wear a good ventilated waterproof jacket to keep your torso dry. Look for breathable material, so you don’t overheat. Wear a good pair of water resistant shoes and use a cycling cap (cycling casquette) under your helmet which will act as a barrier for your head.

Ride smoother and smarter

Be gentle on your brakes. Braking should be deployed earlier and lighter to avoid skidding. Be careful while cornering as tires lose purchase more easily in turns, so you need to keep your body more upright through corners. Just go slow, don’t be after pace.

Flaunt the fenders

Use a pair of fenders especially during group rides to avoid all that mud and filthy water splashing up onto you. According to many, fenders are uncool and rattly but keep a large amount of dirt and grit off your body and bike both.

Adjust your bike accordingly

Well, MTBs and hybrids are better than road bikes for wet weather riding as they offer better grip than road bikes due to wider tires. But with a little caution and skill you can ride a road bike safely too in this weather.

Decrease your tire pressure by 5 to 10 psi to get better traction.

Be more cautious

Avoid riding through standing water. Standing water can be dangerous as you don’t know what is lurking beneath. It might just be a puddle, but then it could be a wheel smashing pothole. So, keep scanning the road while riding.

So, don’t miss out on one of the best cycling experiences amid rain and mud. Be confident and ride like a pro.

Let the rain drench your body, not your spirit.

Happy and safe riding everyone!


Written by

K Tripti Rao

Lawyer, Rider, Runner, Foodie