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Forty years back, forties and fifties were considered old age. I don't think it is so now. With increased life expectancy and most of the youthful years spent in education, competitive exams, getting a job, marriage, family, children, and creating assets; we rather start discovering ourselves only in our early forties.

It is then, that we do some soul searching to find exactly what we are passionate about. We realise that the time left on earth should be made memorable for us and we want to live our life on our terms.

It is also in one’s late thirties or early forties that one has gathered the experience and wisdom to know how his life ought to be. Some people are lucky that they get to know early in life. But not many of us, including me.

I discovered my passion of running, only when I crossed my forty fifth year. When I started, many including my family were sceptical; they doubted my ability and its adverse effects on my health and well-being. However, the consistency and discipline brought the desired results; and I could complete my first half-marathon (21.1 km) within 18 months of taking the plunge. The support and motivation came from the effervescent ‘LetsRun’, the running community/ group from our city, Raipur. The motley group comprising people from varied professional background, gender and age group.

A recent event ‘100 days of running’ (Challenge to run at-least 2km every day for 100 days, without any break) threw an interesting facts; out of the 68 people who participated from our group, 37 (28 male and 9 females) ran all 100 days, while another 9 (5 males and 4 females) completed more than 90 days of running. An age profile of the finishers -

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Almost 50% of all finishers, were above forty and more than 90% of all finishers were above thirty years in age.

All in all, it is never too late to discover one’s passion or interest and take it forward; it may be running, swimming, any sports, writing, music or something unconventional. Find one and pursue.

And when you step into your new shoes someone along the way will point and ask, why this now? Is it useful? What is the purpose? Aren't you old?

Don't answer them. Not worth it.

Your chronological age is only for living purposes. Forget it. You now have a new number to indicate your inner life. You are as old as the passionate job you've taken upon yourself.  Discover yourself, keep changing, stay young; always.


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