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A great year has come to an end, fabulous one as i came in contact with an amazing Letsrun group created by Dr. Vinay Tiwary. I knew him as my elder brothers friend. I followed his running posts on Facebook which were truly motivating. I met him while running on the streets of Kamimg_20160814_164044al Vihar and instantly joined the running community Letsrun. My first run with LetsRun group on 13th Feb. 2016, of 6km at Pt. Ravi Shankar University was purely exciting with the encouragement and guidance of Dr. Tiwary & co-runners I managed to finish my run. That was the start of my new journey from a beginner to marathoner.

Pungi Poze


My next milestone was the first half marathon by LetsRun where in I attempted running 10 kms…..was very nervous but managed to finish in 61 mins 24 secs which was a fairly good time as a beginner. Every one from the group patted me for the timing.



I became a part of all the closed runs organised by LetsRun and thats how gradually on 21st May 2016 i managed to finish my first 21 kms in 2 hrs 46 mins 19 secs. My mind and my body was all set to finish the given target.

My co-runner was Mr. Pankaj Agrawal who motivated me all through the track without bothering about his own pace and time. Warm hugs, handshakes & patting on my shoulders by fellow runners acted as muscle relaxants for me. Three months of running with the group and my accomplishment was a half marathon…….what a proud feeling.

And then came another 21 kms with a better pace and of course a better time in our next TOWN & COUNTRY RUN (Bhatagaon). Now 21 kms was a child’s play for me.

The best part about all these runs was that Dr. Tiwary always maintained the discipline of time. The community was not just about running……as very correctly said by Dr. Tiwary the group was about enjoying food, the nature, reliving childhood days, running in rains & many more such things. Gradually early morning runs were something i couldn’t do without…..and guess what i lost a few kgs……good ones.

Our 1st big event THE CANAL RUN  was an open event and i was fortunate enough to be a part of the core working committee. The event was a super duper hit and we had managed to motivate the Raipurians. LetsRun community was the talk of the town.


By now we had lot of enthusiastic runners joining the community. So our SUPER GURU Dr. Vinay Tiwary gave us a pleasant surprise by completing his first full marathon 42.192 kms to be precise……..a benchmark that each one of us wanted to achieve. And bang on within a months time we had two more full marathoners in the community…..Proud to announce that one was Mr. Himanshu Sahu & the other one was ME. The full marathon was truly mentally and physically challenging.


LetsRun community ended the year by giving the first RFID timed half marathon to Raipur. It was a group effort of each and every member of the core working committee along with the Hyderabad team. We had runners joining us from all over the country………..children adults oldies and also people on wheelchair accompanied by an escort. The event was a box office Salman khan hit…………..No ifs no buts only super-success. We had more than 800 runners participating enthusiastically with us.


My heart felt thanks to Dr.Vinay Tiwary for being my guide my mentor my guru……without whom i could have never been on the road to run. Thank you 2016 for introducing me to the LetsRun community and eagerly waiting for all the 2017 activities.


I would like to complete my write-up with my run statistics.

  • Year 2016 – 8 times 21kms, single 42.61 kms and a total of 900kms.
  • My resolution for 2017 – 1310kms in total, 18 times 21kms and 3 times 42kms


Runner Aman Goel
LetsRun Community




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