5 day 10/5 K challenge – 2018

We had 5-day 5 k between 31st Jan and 4th Feb 2018 we invited Raipur Round table 169 to join us in the challenge. We started with 35 regulars for both the categories, this time we had 7 participants who were doing alone out of which 2 were from Durg n Pune. We finished strong with some 25 completing the challenge. Many joined us for single days. We asked 2 from 5 k and 2 from 10 k to write us their experience.

5 Day 5K – Runner Amardeep

IT was a very healthy experience throughout. I am

 not a elite runner, not even a born runner but what I realized in these five days is that run


ning is a skill which we need to develop minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.

Let’s run team was very energetic, helpful and kept us motivated throughout five days, daily new location left us excited and explore new location every day. I would like to further participate in the other events conducted by let’s run.


Amardeep K.  Gandhi

B.E. (Civil), M.Tech.(Struct)
Sr. Engineer – Sustainability
Arch-Tech Consultants


5 Day 5K – Runner Narendra

I’m running since year and a half; and have run two 10K marathons, including last year’s letsrun’s 10K. However, running 5 days continuously without recovery breaks have not been tried by me; your challenge intrigued me to step out of the comfort zone and hit the ground running. And I did it, though the last day was a bit challenging. It tested my resolve and brought out a stronger me.

Thanks to your motivation, I look forward to keep challenging myself regularly and participate in next 21K marathon of Letsrun and many more events of letsrun. Keep running! For running reminds us that we can do difficult things.

Narendra Sharma

Holy Cross, Byron Bazar Alumni (Class 1989) GEC/NIT Raipur Alumni (Class 1993)


5 Day 10K- Runner Vinod

helps you to connect with your soul. I feel this is the purest way to connect with nature and makes you fall in love with everything around you. For the last one year I am regularly associated with this habit. I start my day with running and consequently the whole day is full of energy, all the tensions dissipated and more focus towards my goal. Don’t wait that happiness will come tomorrow just wake up go for the run, happiness is there.

It’s really enjoying and fills you with peace and satisfaction and spirit to win, even your family life will become happier. By sweating, the impurity of body is removed and body and mind become pure. So, you stay fit and healthy physically as well as mentally and that’s how it leads towards spirituality also. So, let’s go outside in the morning and start your day by run to make your life cherishful and aimful. Keep Running Keep Inspiring.


Vinod Kumar Pandey


5 Day 10K- Runner Amarpreet


I am feeling elated to share 10k, 5-day challenge which was between 31st January and 4th of February

it was very motivational for me to participate n except 10k 5-day challenge. Which I completed successfully in good pace & timing with enthusiastic runners who all have been running regularly. All 5 days I ran on different locations n tracks which was a great experience in itself and for that the credit goes to team letsrun. Enjoyed early morning weather n sun rise, which was very refreshing.

It was a test of endurance n strength for me and I’ll surely try to participate in event like this in the future.

sincerely thanks all Let’s Run members n Mr Vinay Tiwary for motivation and for making me a part of team letsrun


A Marathon will help you discover the strength you never knew you had.


Amarpreet Singh Chandhok


Up in the HILLS

“We are only half mad, just ran the half marathon at the highest marathon in the world”
-Team Lets Run

22041917_1144258332385061_916330309593625475_o (Small)

We are often told by our non runner friends that it takes a special kind of idiot to run 21 km at 5 am in the morning in Raipur. So it came as no surprise that when all of us decided to make the journey to Leh for the highest marathon in the world, most people concluded that we were now beyond repair !


Nevertheless, we ventured to Ladakh, strong in will and spirit ! Most of us chose to arrive a week to 5 days prior the race so as to acclamatise to the high altitude and get some22042150_10159447395395341_6949487079579377755_o (Small) practice under our belt before the big day. We did find time to go around and were simply awestruck by the majestic landscape the region has to offer. We also found time to spend one night at the Pangong Lake which was truly an exhilarating experience as photographs will show !

The first practise run in Leh brought the challenges of high altitude running to the fore. Most of us were left gasping for breath in the first two kilometers and were simply defeated by the relatively low oxygen levels and the varying elevation ! The second run at Pangong Lake (@ 14000 ft!) was surprisingly the harbinger of confidence in many of21427450_10159360484425341_7699699339924118812_o (Small) us. Running along the beautiful Pangong Lake is one experience which I will cherish for a lifetime despite the unforgiving running conditions. Although, we had a professional photographer in our midst, we all agreed that no photo could do justice to the inexplicable vistas we experienced there while running.

By the time the big day arrived, we were all in high spirits. All kinds of energy drinks and potions were readied the night before. Calculations and combinations to tackle the race, all of which were for the mind and not for the body, were thoroughly discussed. I guess somewhere in our mind we all knew that though we will make it, it will be perhaps the toughest run of our lives !

The atmosphere at the start point in the morning was electrifying ! We could see runners from all over the world on the field converging towards the start point. The Sun Gods had offered some respite and the overcast weather made the conditions ideal for running. The half marathon track entailed a downhill run for the first 10km, varyingly plane for the next 7 km and stark uphill for the last 4km. The first 10km downhill along the Mahabodhi Road was a breeze for all of us with some of us touching Raipur like speeds. It was only after the first 10km, that we realised the challenges of the race. The track now ran along the Leh-Keylong and the Leh-Manali highway. Nevertheless, we managed and made it to the 17km mark. The last four kms were the final frontier and it was all uphill !

The stretch was excruciating and you could see most people walking rather running, even the Ladakhis ! The last 100 meters were downhill, much needed for all runners to finish with grace. Crossing the finish line was crossing into a celebration with most of us breaking into a dance !

After all that raining and all that hype, we had already made it! The run was indeed an21457337_10159372610235341_7532480784471265479_o (Small) experience ! It was proud moment for our team as all 30 of us finished the race before the cut off time with Tarang Khurana leading the pack with an impressive 2 hrs 7 min.

Finishing the race gave us all a sense of deep accomplishment which we will carry with us for a long time to come. Obviously, we followed the run by a king-sized lunch and a big celebration at the team hotel afterwards, Lets Run style !


21458173_1986721011546993_943754444343084728_o (Small)

Praharsh Agrawal

Meticulous runner



“Cool rain transforms the steaming pavement.

I bike and smile nonchalantly.”-Anonymous



A true rider rides, no matter what time of year.

“Riding in the rain” as a phrase may sound romantic but could be nerve-racking due to slick and slippery roads.

Riding in wet weather has its own set of challenges, but if done right, it can actually be fun.


Waterproof and breathable apparel

Wear a good ventilated waterproof jacket to keep your torso dry. Look for breathable material, so you don’t overheat. Wear a good pair of water resistant shoes and use a cycling cap (cycling casquette) under your helmet which will act as a barrier for your head.

Ride smoother and smarter

Be gentle on your brakes. Braking should be deployed earlier and lighter to avoid skidding. Be careful while cornering as tires lose purchase more easily in turns, so you need to keep your body more upright through corners. Just go slow, don’t be after pace.

Flaunt the fenders

Use a pair of fenders especially during group rides to avoid all that mud and filthy water splashing up onto you. According to many, fenders are uncool and rattly but keep a large amount of dirt and grit off your body and bike both.

Adjust your bike accordingly

Well, MTBs and hybrids are better than road bikes for wet weather riding as they offer better grip than road bikes due to wider tires. But with a little caution and skill you can ride a road bike safely too in this weather.

Decrease your tire pressure by 5 to 10 psi to get better traction.

Be more cautious

Avoid riding through standing water. Standing water can be dangerous as you don’t know what is lurking beneath. It might just be a puddle, but then it could be a wheel smashing pothole. So, keep scanning the road while riding.

So, don’t miss out on one of the best cycling experiences amid rain and mud. Be confident and ride like a pro.

Let the rain drench your body, not your spirit.

Happy and safe riding everyone!


Written by

K Tripti Rao

Lawyer, Rider, Runner, Foodie

5 Day 10k / 5K Challenge – Runners review

We took a challenge Feb  2017 between 1st to 5th to run 10K / 5K daily for 5 days. We started with 55 Beginners and 37 Finishers. We had some fantastic reviews from runners, some of them are quoted below.


Runner Deepali 5 Day / 10 KM Champ

I’ll be honest to say that I was a bit nervous about how I’m going to hammer out 10k for 5 days, without any rest days in between and come out injury free. But I took it up to gauge my strengths and limitations.
Fortunately, I finished the challenge without any injuries, largely because I listened to my body and to the periodic tips/advice given by our experienced runners. It’s not Running that causes injury, its carelessness!
Big Kudos to all the participants, especially women, who nailed it!
Thanks to Letsrun team for the motivation and keeping up the spirits.

Runner Neera 5 Day / 5 KM Champ

Was a real challenge for me as I participated for first time in this challenge running continuously for 5 days. I loved the serene location of the run with helpful group of friends. Hats off to the team for making these run interesting with Zumba before we kick started our daily runs n helping us with the basic necessities like water, (gulucose / medical kit) for emergency. My experience with this 5 days challenge has taught me to challenge myself n I am looking forward for many more such occasions to join, run n enjoy

Runner Pratyush 5 Day / 10 KM Champ

I just like the person I have become since LetsRun happened (yeah its a phenomenon). Taking up challenges has pushed limits i thought were unattainable by me. But then LetsRun Team is there to buck you up and keep you going. Running is a mental sport but then so are we – “INSANE! LetsRun Team”.

Runner Rohit 5 Day / 5 KM Champ

5days – 5km!!! thank u Let’s Run for a thoughtful & very well organised event. The venues were perfect, the motivation was infectious – would not have been able to complete the challenge of full 5 days without the support. Had a great experience, definitely coming back! #yedilmangemore


19 Feb 2017

“Right sir, yes sir, don’t worry sir, we will take care of it sir” This was six weeks before the marathon. Happy to have received such prompt and positive replies, tickets were booked and plan A was ready.

And 10 days before the event, “What?? No. It was yes then but now it is no. And I won’t even attend your calls!!” Plan A went up in thin air…. POOF.

What next…. Plan B. Raipur marathon was nowhere on the net. The running calendar showed that 12 Feb Raipur event was cancelled. Somehow I came to know that there was another HM event being conducted by the state govt in Raipur on 19 Feb. It suited me well. However, state govt representative handling the phone calls was clueless about marathons. As I tried to explain my plan, the only thing he concentrated was “CM saab will come at anytime in the morning after 6.30 am and the race will be flagged off.” I wasn’t confident with such an arrangement and was working out on various other options.

In the meantime, through some via via media, I got through to Vinay Tiwary from Raipur and he was my GSM (for those who are not familiar with GSM, see my God Sent Messenger post)

A couple of phone calls and my complete plan was ready. Dr Vinay Tiwary, a pathologist by profession, is the head of ‘Let’s Run’ group in Raipur. He had himself conducted a few half marathons before and knew my requirement. To start with, he committed to run the first 21kms before the HM event himself with me. He activated his group members for supporting my run. Simultaneously, being a localite, he registered me for the 21km Raipur marathon event too, which was to be flagged off at 0630h.

I reached Raipur on 11 Feb and we made a quick plan for the first 21km. We would start from the Raipur City at 0415h and complete 21kms in 2h 15 mins and reach the stadium, where the event was to start. In case the event gets postponed, because of non-arrival of VIPs on time, we had planned to continue with the run to maintain continuity. Dr Vinay even decided to do a full marathon along with me.

Race day 12 Feb, sharp at 4.00 Am we were at the designated meeting point. We were three runners for the first leg and we sailed through comfortably in the first 21kms reaching the start point of the event by 6.30 am. As we were nearing the Start point we could see the chopper with the CM landing near the stadium. Other than the CM, Mr Milkha Singh, Ms Geeta Phogat and Mr Praveen Kumar were the guests. We joined the crowd and in 10-12 minutes time our event began.

The sun was already up. Chattisgarh was in full strength. The route was simple, a straight flat road with only one left turn for 10.5km and back. The newly constructed roads of Naya Raipur were very wide. Unfortunately, there was not a single fully grown tree enroute. The trees have been recently planted and would take 4-5 years more to give proper shade as required on a sunny morning. The route was well stocked with water and bananas in a few places. There was not a single garbage bin, hence the entire route got littered with banana peels and water packets.

Despite the heat and scorching sun, I was able to comfortably finish in 5:20. A very positive point was the raw talent available in such places. Young boys and girls from nearby villages participated in the HM event bare feet and ran well. Runners of Let’s Run group also completed the route strongly.

For a first time event by the Govt, it was relatively well conducted. With more professional help from Marathon runners, this event will stand out well ahead in years to come. Icing to the cake, I got an opportunity to address the Let’s Run group and share some tips with the runners. Thanks to all members of the group and specifically Dr Vinay Tiwary.
So that’s for Raipur……..

Rajdhani…..here I come, not for the madness of round and round in a stadium, but a full fledged well stretched FM on 26 Feb.
#beatyesterday #garmin #ique

Col Sundaresan Ren