5 Day 10k / 5K Challenge – Runners review

We took a challenge Feb  2017 between 1st to 5th to run 10K / 5K daily for 5 days. We started with 55 Beginners and 37 Finishers. We had some fantastic reviews from runners, some of them are quoted below.


Runner Deepali 5 Day / 10 KM Champ

I’ll be honest to say that I was a bit nervous about how I’m going to hammer out 10k for 5 days, without any rest days in between and come out injury free. But I took it up to gauge my strengths and limitations.
Fortunately, I finished the challenge without any injuries, largely because I listened to my body and to the periodic tips/advice given by our experienced runners. It’s not Running that causes injury, its carelessness!
Big Kudos to all the participants, especially women, who nailed it!
Thanks to Letsrun team for the motivation and keeping up the spirits.

Runner Neera 5 Day / 5 KM Champ

Was a real challenge for me as I participated for first time in this challenge running continuously for 5 days. I loved the serene location of the run with helpful group of friends. Hats off to the team for making these run interesting with Zumba before we kick started our daily runs n helping us with the basic necessities like water, (gulucose / medical kit) for emergency. My experience with this 5 days challenge has taught me to challenge myself n I am looking forward for many more such occasions to join, run n enjoy

Runner Pratyush 5 Day / 10 KM Champ

I just like the person I have become since LetsRun happened (yeah its a phenomenon). Taking up challenges has pushed limits i thought were unattainable by me. But then LetsRun Team is there to buck you up and keep you going. Running is a mental sport but then so are we – “INSANE! LetsRun Team”.

Runner Rohit 5 Day / 5 KM Champ

5days – 5km!!! thank u Let’s Run for a thoughtful & very well organised event. The venues were perfect, the motivation was infectious – would not have been able to complete the challenge of full 5 days without the support. Had a great experience, definitely coming back! #yedilmangemore