Danish aaj rukna nahi hai

Danish aaj rukna nahi hai

"Bigger dreams may not need bigger strides! Every little step counts in a greater, longer, and stronger journey"

As the name itself suggests running inside a stadium...

This was my 1st experience of a stadium run. And it was more special as it was on my birthday. So, my 1st stadium run turned out to be my b ’day run.

The planning for the stadium run began in January 2021. When my mentor my friend Keshav Manik told me about this and asked me to come to Chandigarh for the run. And I was so much under stress how would I run 12 hours. But he showed confidence in me and with my wife’s support and motivation... I started training.


Before this training phase, I had just done one 6 hours run. So as instructed by Keshav Bhai the plan was to do two long runs and at least one of them in the stadium. So, I did my 1st stadium run on 14th fib running for 6 hours inside a hockey stadium covering 50 km in those 6 hours.

Then we planned an 8hour run one last long run before the main event. And it was attempted twice but could not manage many hours.

An event is incomplete if it doesn’t involve any injury. 10 days before the final run got issues with my hamstrings and shin. A week that was filled with physiotherapies followed with zero running. 3 days before had to start running with new shoes as suggested by the physio.  A big thanks to her too.

"When the going gets tough; tough gets going"

Then finally came the big day.

With all injuries in my mind and all the pain I just remembered one thing that was constant in my mind.

“Danish aaj rukna nahi hai” -and the biggest motivation behind this was my wife. She constantly made sure that I’m not in trouble getting all my things at the right time.

My wife, my cheer gal became my greatest pillar of support who stood by those most grueling 12 hrs, tirelessly and enthusiastically. And it was her confidence and Keshav Bhai's motivation that helped me run the mileage we planned before I got injured...

Running long is all about mindset. All u need is patience. Your legs run for few hours and then it's your mind that runs for you. We need to be mentally strong along with being physically strong if we have to run such long distances. So, train the beast (brain) if you want to run long.

Well, thanks to many more people involved in making this run possible... My wife Farzana (my biggest pillar) my inspiration (KESHAV MANIK TALHA) Sana Bharti who helped me cross the lines whenever I wanted to quit. My family my strength. And also, my running family " Rajnandgoan Runners" who always motivated me throughout my journey.

"Once a runner; always a runner!" Future planning as of now nothing. But #ruknatohaihinahi

"When tired, learn to rest not to quit"

Written by a passionate runner from Rajnandgaon Runners