Now I run for MYSELF

A kindergarten teacher, part time house maker and mother of two. Yes, I do Run around my kids at home and school, but that is all.

Hi, myself, Roshni Shukla.

The thought of running, always makes me feel good. In childhood, like any other student, I participated in school runs. But never made a career out of it.

15 years after student life, again got this chance 2 years back, when a half marathon was organised by letsrun group in Raipur.

I participated in that just for fun, running away from routine life. I did my first ever 6k along with my 8 year old son. The thrill stayed with me.

This year I enrolled with 100 days of running. It came to me like a fresh wave of happiness. I would get up everyday with a thought- "I have to finish today's Run".

I became selfish, I learnt to take out some time for myself.

It was difficult on some busy days and no company as no one else participated from my town. But the caption- " come what may" helped me finish each day.

Sometimes in jungle resort, sometimes in heavy rain, on busy days at midnight and stealing some space between family gathering. But yes I finished them all.

Now when I see it, 100 days of running had made me a better person.
And getting a position on the group leaderboard is like a cherry on top.

Thank you - 100 days of running, now I run for MYSELF.