5 Day 10k / 5K Challenge – Runners review

We took a challenge Feb  2017 between 1st to 5th to run 10K / 5K daily for 5 days. We started with 55 Beginners and 37 Finishers. We had some fantastic reviews from runners, some of them are quoted below.


Runner Deepali 5 Day / 10 KM Champ

I’ll be honest to say that I was a bit nervous about how I’m going to hammer out 10k for 5 days, without any rest days in between and come out injury free. But I took it up to gauge my strengths and limitations.
Fortunately, I finished the challenge without any injuries, largely because I listened to my body and to the periodic tips/advice given by our experienced runners. It’s not Running that causes injury, its carelessness!
Big Kudos to all the participants, especially women, who nailed it!
Thanks to Letsrun team for the motivation and keeping up the spirits.

Runner Neera 5 Day / 5 KM Champ

Was a real challenge for me as I participated for first time in this challenge running continuously for 5 days. I loved the serene location of the run with helpful group of friends. Hats off to the team for making these run interesting with Zumba before we kick started our daily runs n helping us with the basic necessities like water, (gulucose / medical kit) for emergency. My experience with this 5 days challenge has taught me to challenge myself n I am looking forward for many more such occasions to join, run n enjoy

Runner Pratyush 5 Day / 10 KM Champ

I just like the person I have become since LetsRun happened (yeah its a phenomenon). Taking up challenges has pushed limits i thought were unattainable by me. But then LetsRun Team is there to buck you up and keep you going. Running is a mental sport but then so are we – “INSANE! LetsRun Team”.

Runner Rohit 5 Day / 5 KM Champ

5days – 5km!!! thank u Let’s Run for a thoughtful & very well organised event. The venues were perfect, the motivation was infectious – would not have been able to complete the challenge of full 5 days without the support. Had a great experience, definitely coming back! #yedilmangemore


19 Feb 2017

“Right sir, yes sir, don’t worry sir, we will take care of it sir” This was six weeks before the marathon. Happy to have received such prompt and positive replies, tickets were booked and plan A was ready.

And 10 days before the event, “What?? No. It was yes then but now it is no. And I won’t even attend your calls!!” Plan A went up in thin air…. POOF.

What next…. Plan B. Raipur marathon was nowhere on the net. The running calendar showed that 12 Feb Raipur event was cancelled. Somehow I came to know that there was another HM event being conducted by the state govt in Raipur on 19 Feb. It suited me well. However, state govt representative handling the phone calls was clueless about marathons. As I tried to explain my plan, the only thing he concentrated was “CM saab will come at anytime in the morning after 6.30 am and the race will be flagged off.” I wasn’t confident with such an arrangement and was working out on various other options.

In the meantime, through some via via media, I got through to Vinay Tiwary from Raipur and he was my GSM (for those who are not familiar with GSM, see my God Sent Messenger post)

A couple of phone calls and my complete plan was ready. Dr Vinay Tiwary, a pathologist by profession, is the head of ‘Let’s Run’ group in Raipur. He had himself conducted a few half marathons before and knew my requirement. To start with, he committed to run the first 21kms before the HM event himself with me. He activated his group members for supporting my run. Simultaneously, being a localite, he registered me for the 21km Raipur marathon event too, which was to be flagged off at 0630h.

I reached Raipur on 11 Feb and we made a quick plan for the first 21km. We would start from the Raipur City at 0415h and complete 21kms in 2h 15 mins and reach the stadium, where the event was to start. In case the event gets postponed, because of non-arrival of VIPs on time, we had planned to continue with the run to maintain continuity. Dr Vinay even decided to do a full marathon along with me.

Race day 12 Feb, sharp at 4.00 Am we were at the designated meeting point. We were three runners for the first leg and we sailed through comfortably in the first 21kms reaching the start point of the event by 6.30 am. As we were nearing the Start point we could see the chopper with the CM landing near the stadium. Other than the CM, Mr Milkha Singh, Ms Geeta Phogat and Mr Praveen Kumar were the guests. We joined the crowd and in 10-12 minutes time our event began.

The sun was already up. Chattisgarh was in full strength. The route was simple, a straight flat road with only one left turn for 10.5km and back. The newly constructed roads of Naya Raipur were very wide. Unfortunately, there was not a single fully grown tree enroute. The trees have been recently planted and would take 4-5 years more to give proper shade as required on a sunny morning. The route was well stocked with water and bananas in a few places. There was not a single garbage bin, hence the entire route got littered with banana peels and water packets.

Despite the heat and scorching sun, I was able to comfortably finish in 5:20. A very positive point was the raw talent available in such places. Young boys and girls from nearby villages participated in the HM event bare feet and ran well. Runners of Let’s Run group also completed the route strongly.

For a first time event by the Govt, it was relatively well conducted. With more professional help from Marathon runners, this event will stand out well ahead in years to come. Icing to the cake, I got an opportunity to address the Let’s Run group and share some tips with the runners. Thanks to all members of the group and specifically Dr Vinay Tiwary.
So that’s for Raipur……..

Rajdhani…..here I come, not for the madness of round and round in a stadium, but a full fledged well stretched FM on 26 Feb.
#beatyesterday #garmin #ique

Col Sundaresan Ren





LETSRUN – The Bunch of Mischievous Retards

A great year has come to an end, fabulous one as i came in contact with an amazing Letsrun group created by Dr. Vinay Tiwary. I knew him as my elder brothers friend. I followed his running posts on Facebook which were truly motivating. I met him while running on the streets of Kamimg_20160814_164044al Vihar and instantly joined the running community Letsrun. My first run with LetsRun group on 13th Feb. 2016, of 6km at Pt. Ravi Shankar University was purely exciting with the encouragement and guidance of Dr. Tiwary & co-runners I managed to finish my run. That was the start of my new journey from a beginner to marathoner.

Pungi Poze


My next milestone was the first half marathon by LetsRun where in I attempted running 10 kms…..was very nervous but managed to finish in 61 mins 24 secs which was a fairly good time as a beginner. Every one from the group patted me for the timing.



I became a part of all the closed runs organised by LetsRun and thats how gradually on 21st May 2016 i managed to finish my first 21 kms in 2 hrs 46 mins 19 secs. My mind and my body was all set to finish the given target.

My co-runner was Mr. Pankaj Agrawal who motivated me all through the track without bothering about his own pace and time. Warm hugs, handshakes & patting on my shoulders by fellow runners acted as muscle relaxants for me. Three months of running with the group and my accomplishment was a half marathon…….what a proud feeling.

And then came another 21 kms with a better pace and of course a better time in our next TOWN & COUNTRY RUN (Bhatagaon). Now 21 kms was a child’s play for me.

The best part about all these runs was that Dr. Tiwary always maintained the discipline of time. The community was not just about running……as very correctly said by Dr. Tiwary the group was about enjoying food, the nature, reliving childhood days, running in rains & many more such things. Gradually early morning runs were something i couldn’t do without…..and guess what i lost a few kgs……good ones.

Our 1st big event THE CANAL RUN  was an open event and i was fortunate enough to be a part of the core working committee. The event was a super duper hit and we had managed to motivate the Raipurians. LetsRun community was the talk of the town.


By now we had lot of enthusiastic runners joining the community. So our SUPER GURU Dr. Vinay Tiwary gave us a pleasant surprise by completing his first full marathon 42.192 kms to be precise……..a benchmark that each one of us wanted to achieve. And bang on within a months time we had two more full marathoners in the community…..Proud to announce that one was Mr. Himanshu Sahu & the other one was ME. The full marathon was truly mentally and physically challenging.


LetsRun community ended the year by giving the first RFID timed half marathon to Raipur. It was a group effort of each and every member of the core working committee along with the Hyderabad team. We had runners joining us from all over the country………..children adults oldies and also people on wheelchair accompanied by an escort. The event was a box office Salman khan hit…………..No ifs no buts only super-success. We had more than 800 runners participating enthusiastically with us.


My heart felt thanks to Dr.Vinay Tiwary for being my guide my mentor my guru……without whom i could have never been on the road to run. Thank you 2016 for introducing me to the LetsRun community and eagerly waiting for all the 2017 activities.


I would like to complete my write-up with my run statistics.

  • Year 2016 – 8 times 21kms, single 42.61 kms and a total of 900kms.
  • My resolution for 2017 – 1310kms in total, 18 times 21kms and 3 times 42kms


Runner Aman Goel
LetsRun Community




The RUNderFUL Life

It gives me immense pleasure to start a blog of “LetsRun” – CG’s first and only runners community.

Since the 1st run on 01/11/2015 we have grown exponentially in both membership and sprit to become recognizable in and around Raipur, it was all possible because of all of you who trusted and followed me in all cRaZY things I did.

I wish to bring you more from this blog that can not be done properly in FB or website, Over the time I have collected things i wanted to share which i shall be posting in some days.

Wish you a Runderful life,