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6 Day 6K - Season 3

We are back with our 3rd season of 6 Day 6K Challenge you have to do 6 KM daily for 6 days, you can run any time in 24 hrs. This is a Free run. If you can not come to our location you can do at your Place / City


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Featured Runner

Tarang - Udta punjab

Step by step,
Foot by foot,
Meter by meter,
Mile by mile..
Long distance running pushes you to achieve targets you thought were impossible
It hardwires your body with the will to go on, no matter what
Because crossing the finish line is a feeling that cannot be expressed. It can only be felt.
It is surreal. It is magical.


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We're available. Day or night.

Yes with motivated runners there is always someone running mornings or evenings or night or any odd hours. That is the best time to catch us. just follow us on FB group page

All our Run schedules & Workouts are posted in Facebook - Like our page and follow us.

Workout Days

We have fixed days for Runs /Workouts that we follow, the location them are different depending on what we are doing


All year round every Tuesday we have a short 6 km run along with skipping and some other training. We also have regular Sessions to improve technique post run on Tuesdays.


Thursdays are for CrossFit workouts and Strength training. We do HIIT, Tabata, Circuits for strength and cardio, Functional training. Session range from 30 min to 1 hr plus.


Sundays are meant for long runs any thing above 10 KM – however new runners can go slow on this. The best long runs are Discovery runs in which we go without a plan of KM and Track.


My New Passion

How my new passion took me to Pondicherry & it was Runderful In August 2017, I said that the only time you’d ever find me running was if Godzilla were chasing me. Then, 6 months later, I ran a half marathon on February 2018. Due to work pressures and lifestyle changes, the only form of good …